Camp Wishlist

Our camp is in need of the following items. To donate an item, please contact us!

Dimensional Lumber

Little projects keep popping up, and some 2 x 4’s , 2 x 6’s (both treated and untreated) would sure be nice.


We need quality, gentle horses for our riding program.

Hay Bales

Our horses are hungry! Help us feed them.

Riding Helmets

We always need to refresh our riding helmet supply.

Cowboy Boots

We are always in need of more good new or used cowboy boots in all sizes for our riding program.

Saddles and Tack

We need good used or new riding saddles and tack for our riding program.

Modular Homes

We need two modular homes to house staff members and their families.

Sea Can Containers

We need two Sea Cans that are at least 20 feet long to store our program equipment and campsite supplies.

Backhoe Attachment for Bobcat

We need to trench in new water, electrical and sewer access, and this is just the tool we need!

Royalex Dumoine Canoe

We need 2 more canoes to maintain our canoeing program. These canoes are available from Classic Outdoors in Saskatoon.

Is there another way you can help?

We want to hear from you! Feel free to drop us a line to discuss how your or your organization can support Ranger Lake.

Contact us