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Plan for camp: Info for parents

Ranger Lake Bible Camp wants your camper to have a safe and enjoyable summer camp experience. Our staff take great care to ensure that your son or daughter has an amazing time.

We know that camp can be intimidating for parents! This is your one stop shop for need-to-know information about Ranger Lake. If you need further help please feel free to contact us!

Pick Up & Drop Off Times

For all camps except Family Camp:

  • CAMPER CHECK-IN is between 4-5:30 PM on the first day of your camp
  • CAMPER PICK-UP is at our parent’s program at 6 PM on the last day of your camp
  • Directions available on our Contact page

Please note: We don’t check-in campers prior to 4 PM, and there is no advantage to showing up early. Please do NOT arrive before 4 PM.

Summer Camp Open House

Every year in June we open our facility to families to come see what we are all about. Our Free-4-All is a great opportunity to meet our staff, tour our site, try out our accommodations and get a sense of what we are all about. The day starts with a chapel service, continues with a BBQ lunch at noon and finishes with our camp activities (which open at 1:30) — all for free!

No need to RSVP, bring your family and friends!

Camp Registration & Payment Information

  • Register online and pay with VISA or MasterCard.
  • Contact us to make an appointment to pay by cash or Interac.
  • You must make a minimum $100 deposit with each registration.
  • All cancellations are subject to a $100 administration fee until the first day of camp; refunds are not available for no-shows.
  • Please help expedite check-in on your first day of camp by paying your camp fees online before you arrive!
  • If you require assistance registering, please contact us.
  • You may also contact us to request a paper brochure and mail it to our office.
  • We do not accept personal cheques.

Available Discounts & Sponsorships

Sibling Discount: Subtract $30 off the fee of your third child and subsequent children; you must contact us after registering to receive this discount. Note: Does not apply for Family camp.

Want to pay in instalments? You may opt-in to a payment plan; just select that option when you register online.

If you have difficulty paying for summer camp, we are happy to help! Please phone our office to discuss payment plans or to arrange partial financial assistance. You will register for camp during this application process, so please don’t register online.


Camp is popular! If the camp for which you want to register is full, you have the option to register to be on the waiting list for that camp at no charge. If we receive a cancellation for a camp, we contact campers on the corresponding waitlist in the order they signed up. You will never be transferred from a waitlist to a camp without prior contact from our camp staff.

Important Notes

All campers are expected to abide by camp rules while on site and/or in the care of camp staff. While camp is in session we regularly take videos and photos which are used to promote our camp and to produce our weekly souvenir video. Your camper may be included in these materials and in similar materials produced by our parent organization, One Hope Canada.

To Do Before You Come & When You Arrive

Before You Arrive

  • Pack everything you’ll need (see our checklist).
  • Label your child’s clothing.
  • It is your child’s responsibility to make sure that they return home with everything. To help reduce mix-ups, please label their clothing.
  • Make sure your child is healthy and check your child for head lice.
  • Please review our health policy and contact us if you have any questions.
  • Arrive on time (directions available on our Contact page).
  • Print off and sign the informed consent/assumption of risk form and bring it with you to check-in
  • CAMPER CHECK-IN is between 4-5:30 PM on the first day of your camp.
  • CAMPER PICK-UP is at our parent’s program at 6 PM on the last day of your camp.

When You Arrive

Check in

Our staff will greet you in our dining hall where you will check in, find out what cabin your child is staying in, set up a tuck shop account (if you didn’t already do so online), choose your skills (for Fanatic or Classic campers only), submit this assumption of risk form or sign one when you arrive, and check in with our camp nurse. Once that’s all done, our staff will help you to your child’s cabin and you are free to depart.

Set up a tuck account

During allotted times throughout the week, your child may purchase treats like chips, pop and chocolate bars at our camp store. Campers may only spend $4 per day of camp. We accept cash, Visa or MasterCard. You can also purchase camp clothing, like T-shirts, hoodies, and more! We recommend doing this when you register online so you have less to do during check-in.

What to Take to Camp

Summer camp packing list

  • Bible, pen, and paper – if you don’t have your own Bible we are happy to supply one for you at registration
  • Sleeping bag and pillow
  • At least two changes of warm clothes and two changes of light clothes
  • Two pairs of footwear; we recommend quality sandals or shoes and rubber boots
  • Rain gear
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Toiletries (shampoo, toothbrush, etc.)
  • Hat, sunscreen and bug spray
  • Towel and action-appropriate swimsuit — please leave small, poorly fitting, or immodest bathing suits at home!
  • Water bottle with your child’s name on it
  • If you want to ride horses, please bring long pants
  • Up to $20 to spend at the Tuck Shop
  • Each camper must bring an assumption of risk form with them to check-in; this form must be signed by their parent/guardian
  • Fanatic option: Watersports campers may bring their own wakeboards, wakeskates, etc. if they desire

Please, leave these things at home:

  • Valuables – this includes expensive clothes and electronics
  • Cell phones – campers may not have cell phones or other communication devices
  • Dangerous items – knives (unless you are at Wild Camp), firecrackers, and fireworks
  • Food – we want our wildlife to stay outside your cabin; don’t worry, snacks are available at our Tuck Shop daily.
  • Drugs and alcohol – if any camper brings intoxicating or illegal drugs, tobacco products, or alcohol to camp, the camper will be sent home at their parent’s/guardian’s expense.

DIRT and Paintball Fanatics

In addition to the above, please bring:

  • Two pairs of shoes or boots to paintball in (sandals don’t count!)
  • Warm bedding: you are sleeping in a large tent, so bring an appropriate sleeping bag
  • Camouflage if you have it! (Quinn the Eskimo in Saskatoon is a great place to gear up)
  • At least 2 changes of paintball clothing
  • Long pants
  • Long sleeve shirts (you can not play in t-shirts; sweaters are not recommended for hot weather)
  • Rubber boots
  • Clothes to lounge around in during the evenings (sandals are fine for this)

Some things that would be nice to bring:

  • Your own paintball equipment (note: we use high pressure air, not CO2). We supply everything, but if you want to play with your own equipment, you may do so
  • Neck warmer if you have one (it helps protect your neck)

Wild Camp

Download the packing list for your camp:

Health and Safety

Our mission team and volunteers are chosen and trained with a view to providing a safe environment for children. We always aim for physical safety in activities, disease prevention practices, mitigating environmental dangers (such as sun and insect exposure), and bullying prevention. Our goal is to have maximum supervision, that is, to have all our campers supervised at all times, within reason. To learn more about our staff screening and standards, visit our In Safe Hands website.

Camp nurses are on-site at Ranger Lake during summer camp weeks and are equipped to:

  • Deliver regular medication to campers.
  • Bandage bumps and bruises.
  • Mend minor injuries.
  • Deliver over-the-counter medicine as needed.
  • Provide immediate first aid.
  • Bring campers to a doctor in town or hospital when appropriate.

In the event of an emergency, the nearest hospital is within 30 minutes from camp at normal driving speeds.

Medical History

When registering your camper, his or her full medical history including health conditions, allergies, immunization status, medications, and lice history must be disclosed in order so we can properly care for your child.

Contagious Illnesses and Lice

Camp is not a good place for sick and recovering children. All campers and staff must be at least 48 hours from their last vomiting and/or diarrhea before arriving at camp. If your child is on antibiotics, they have to have been on the prescription for at least 48 hrs before coming to camp. If your child has lice, they need to have had at least one treatment and be nit-free for a week. Please use your discretion for colds.


All medication (including over the counter drugs such as Advil, Tylenol, etc.) brought to camp must be given to the camp nurse at registration. Only our qualified medical staff are able to deliver it to campers. We strongly discourage “medication holidays;” if your child requires medication during the school year they must also take it regularly at camp. Please bring these medications to check-in and submit them to the camp nurse; the nurse will ensure it is administered appropriately.

No medication is allowed in cabins. If your child requires emergency medications (e.g. epi-pens, ventolin), please bring two sets: one for the camp nurse and one to be kept on the camper. Ensure these prescriptions are properly labeled, full, and brought to camp in a fanny pack or small backpack.

Illness or Injury at Camp

If your child starts vomiting and/or has diarrhea or is found to have lice, they will be isolated and need to be picked up to go home as soon as possible. Once the child is 48 hours vomiting/diarrhea-free, they may come back to camp. If the child has lice, he or she will not be able to come back to camp.

If your child becomes sick with something else or is injured, the camp nurse will assess the severity of the situation and determine if a parent/guardian needs to take the child to the hospital or if the camp will take the child to the hospital and if the child can return to camp.

Homesick Campers

We strongly discourage campers from calling home as this often makes them more homesick, and we are simply not equipped for our campers to make/receive phone calls unless it is an emergency. We try to keep them busy and give them extra attention. If necessary, the camp director will call a parent/guardian to discuss the situation and the parent/guardian will decide whether or not the child should go home.

Refunds for Illness/Injury

If your child becomes sick or contracts lice before camp and is unable to come, registration fees are refundable (less the standard $100 cancellation fee) with a doctor’s note. We will try our best to fit your child into a camp week later in the summer if any spots are available. If your child becomes sick at camp or we find lice/nits at camp and is sent home, we do not refund any fees. We do not issue refunds for partial weeks, late arrivals, or early pickups. We do not issue refunds for campers who wish to go home because they are homesick.

Food and Diet

We love making fun and tasty camp meals for your camper! At every meal there are healthy options and cabin leaders encourage campers to eat well.

Special Dietary Requirements

We do our best to accommodate special diets, but require advance notice so we can give your camper their best experience. We are able to accommodate some, but not all, special diets. Please contact us to discuss if or how we can accommodate your camper with your help.

There are too many variables beyond our control for us to claim to have a peanut-free environment. If there are any campers on site with nut allergies, we do not knowingly serve peanut products from our food service or Tuck Shop. We DO use products that list “may contain traces of peanut products” in their list of ingredients.

Lost & Found

If you discover you are missing an item once you return home, please email us with your camper’s name, the week they attended, and a detailed description of the item.

All lost and found requests are processed through email. Please don’t contact our camp office by phone.

We try to reconnect reported items with their owners. However, please understand that our priority is the children who are on site and we attend to lost and found items as time allows.

If your item has been turned in, you will be contacted and given the choice of picking your item up at Camp or having it shipped to you with shipping and handling charged to your credit card.

Summer camp items are kept until the end of September. Retreat and Outdoor Education groups (September to June), items are kept for 2 months. After these dates items are donated to those in need.

Cabin Placements

Campers are placed in cabins (or tents for DIRT and Tack camps) of 8-10 campers, based on their age and sex. When filling out the camper registration form, you may indicate with whom your child would like to share a cabin. We will make every effort to accommodate that request, but we can only accommodate groups of up to 2 friends.

Please note that cabin placements are done before campers arrive. When you arrive to check-in on Sunday, you will find out which cabin your child is in and be introduced to his or her cabin leader at the cabin.

One of the best parts about camp is making new friends! If your child is coming to camp for the first time or is not bringing a friend, don’t worry; campers have lots of opportunities to make friends not only with their cabin groups, but also with other campers during daily activities.

Questions? Get in touch!

We're happy to answer any questions you might have about your child's camp experience. Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions or concerns.

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