Thanks for your interest in joining our summer missionary team!

To have your application considered, you must:

  • Submit an application through One Hope Canada, our parent organization. Senior summer missionaries and junior volunteers must complete the long application form, while kitchen and maintenance volunteers, boat drivers, and camp speakers must fill out our short form.
  • Get 3 adult references (one must be from a clergy member) to submit a reference form online; you will contact them as part of your online application
  • Anyone 16 years of age or older must submit a criminal record check every 2 years; do so by visiting your local police station. If you are applying for a volunteer position your local law enforcement detachment may grant you a free criminal record check if you present an original signed letter of recommendation from our camp. Please contact us to pick one up!

Applications will only be reviewed when these steps are completed.

Our simple applications are processed through our parent organization, One Hope Canada. All applicants must agree and comply with One Hope Canada's statement of affirmation in order to be hired.

If you have any questions about this process, contact us.


Junior Volunteers

Jr. Cabin Leaders, Wranglers, Assistant Lifeguards and DIRT Camp Juniors assist our summer missionaries in our camp program and camper care. They must attend general missionary training at the end of June.

Jr. Cabin Leader (JC)

Jr. Cabin Leaders, or “JCs” work directly with the campers under the supervision of a cabin or tent leader. JCs are also involved in skills instruction, Bible study, and all aspects of camp life. Preference will be given to those who have completed Work Crew already. Must be at least 16 years of age.

JC’s may serve up to 3 weeks each summer though some exceptions are made.


Wranglers work alongside our barn leader and head wrangler to take care of the horses. They will assist in many areas including riding instruction, horse care, and barn maintenance. They must come ready for long hours of work and must be familiar with horses. Must have completed Grade 9. 

Assistant Lifeguard

The Assistant Lifeguard helps the head lifeguard operate the pool, teach the Lifesaving Society’s Swim for Life program, and helps supervise swim times at our lake and pool. They must have first aid CPR-C & AED certification and either a bronze cross award from the Lifesaving Society or a Red Cross Assistant Lifeguard certificate.

DIRT Camp Jr.

guys only

DIRT Camp Juniors assist our paintball leaders byhelping hand out paintballs, cleaning paintball equipment, participating in various work projects, and aiding with general programming as needed. 

They must:

  • Desire to grow spiritually.
  • Have completed Grade 9.
  • Be ready for long hours of manual labour.
  • Preferably have attended one of our DIRT or Teen Camps.
  • All Junior Volunteer applicants must complete the long application form option.

Summer Missionaries

In addition to their respective expectations, summer missionaries often oversee and Junior Volunteers that are in their purview. They must attend our mandatory missionary training sessions: senior missionary training and general missionary training which are at the end of May and June, respectively. Most of these are paid positions; for more information, contact our office.

Cabin/Tent Leader

These leaders are responsible for leading a cabin or tent of 10 campers each week with the assistance of a Jr. Cabin Leader. Leaders are also expected to instruct skills and assist with the program as directed. Must be at least 18 years of age. Preference will be given to applicants with at least one year of post secondary education. Paintball experience is preferable for DIRT Tent Leaders. 

Work Crew Boss

Work Crew Bosses work closely with the discipleship coordinator to organize the Work Crew program. Each session will have 10-12 participants. Activities include work, fun camp activities, Bible study and devotions, and leadership training. Bosses function as “Cabin Leaders” to Work Crew. If you have a heart for discipleship and you love hard work, this could be the best job you ever had! 

Program Leader

May 31-August 26

We want our campers to have the best week of their summer! The program leader facilitates this by working in conjunction with the camp team to plan and implement the summer program (schedule, games and events, skills as needed). This position also includes training, directing, and encouraging the cabin leaders. Good communication and organizational skills are a must!

Barn Leader

May 2-August 26

The Barn Leader is responsible for overseeing all the teaching and instruction of our horsemanship program. They lead and guide the Wranglers to get the job done. Providing creativity and excitement with our horses demands someone with good communication skills and a love for horses. Prior experience with horses is a must.

Head Wrangler

May 31-August 26

The Head Wrangler is responsible for assisting the barn leader in the teaching and instruction of our horsemanship program, but has a special emphasis on maintaining our riding and barn facilities. They assist the barn leader in leading and guiding the Wrangler team. Prior experience with horses is a must.

Head Lifeguard

May 31-August 26

The head lifeguard is responsible for providing a safe and fun program at our pool. The lifeguard must have NLS and LSI certification valid through their time at camp; campers are taught using the Lifesaving Society’s Swim for Life program. Please provide copies of certification with application, or contact us for help with receiving training. The Head Lifeguard also cleans our pool, helps administer pool chemicals and testing, and lifeguards at the lake. The Head Lifeguard helps with general maintenance tasks at camp, as needed. 

Discipleship Coordinator

May 31-August 26

The discipleship coordinator is in charge of overseeing the camp’s chapel services and campfires, utilizing music, drama and the arts as avenues to invite campers to worship. The coordinator also oversees the work crew program, ensuring work is being completed as well as leading training sessions. This person helps mentor the Junior Cabin Leaders. Prior team and cabin leading experience is a must.

Kitchen Manager

May 21-August 23

The kitchen manager is responsible for making tasty camp food! This involves meal planning, food production, cook oversight, ordering and stocking.

Assistant Kitchen Manager

May 31-August 26

The assistant kitchen manager helps make tasty camp food, with an emphasis on producing food for people with special diets. This position also involves helping oversee volunteer cooks and kitchen operations.

Paintball Coordinator

The paintball coordinator is responsible for the organization and implementation of DIRT camp, including program planning, missionary oversight, and paintball equipment management and maintenance.

Assistant Paintball Coordinator

May 31-August 26

The assistant paintball coordinator is responsible for assisting in the organization and implementation of our paintball programming including DIRT camp, program planning, equipment management and maintenance. 

Maintenance Hand

May 2-August 26

Maintenance hands help maintain our buildings, grounds, and equipment. Though we also have weekly volunteers, two maintenance hands help our site manager maintain the camp each season. This includes things like small building projects, mowing lawns, and changing the engine oil in our camp equipment. Applicants must have knowledge and experience in these areas.

Media Coordinator

May 31-August 26

The media coordinator is responsible to capture and record our campers’ experience, producing media for promotion and posterity. This includes a weekly souvenir video, slideshow, and other fun and creative media. This coordinator should have experience with taking photos and videos, and using editing software, like Apple Photos and Final Cut Pro. 

Spring Team

May 31-June 26

Some summer mission team members arrive early to help with our many school rentals. This provides a great opportunity to showcase camp to hundreds of potential campers! Energy will also be focused on setting up and improving our site. If you are able to join us for this period, please indicate your availability on your application.

Adult Volunteer & Support Help

We are looking for kitchen and maintenance volunteers who are over 16 years old, and nurses and camp speakers who are over 20 years old. These applicants need only to submit the short application form through the link below.

Questions? Get in touch!

We're happy to answer any questions you may have about working with us at Ranger Lake Bible Camp. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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