Wilf Gaertner was a good friend of Ranger Lake; we enjoyed singing with him at Fall Frolic chapels and hanging out with him around camp. We want to remember Wilf’s presence at our camp, and we’d love your help: any gifts made in Wilf’s memory will be used for picnic tables and benches around our camp. Wilf was always up for a good visit and we think it’s fitting to remember him this way.

You can give online via credit card through our parent organization, One Hope Canada, you may directly e-transfer us a gift at info@rlbc.ca, or you can mail us a cheque. Whichever way you give, please include your mailing address and memo your gift “In Memory of Wilf Gaertner”. All gifts over $10 which are accompanied with a mailing address will receive a tax-deductible receipt at the end of the year. Thanks for helping us remember Wilf!