What measures are you taking to make sure my camper is safe at camp?

We have always done our best to follow all public health guidelines and are in good standing with our health region. This disposition is the same through the pandemic: we will do our best to observe all guidelines set forth by our government.

Will my camper need to wear a mask at camp?

The province’s current guidelines state that, “Masks must be worn in all indoor public spaces.” If this is still in place by the summer, mask wearing will not happen often, other than an occasional trip to the bathroom, and we will try to eat and have chapel outdoors. We are still waiting for this summer’s guidelines. Masks are not required in cabins as they are private spaces.

Will my camper need to be vaccinated? Will I need to be vaccinated to be on the summer missionary team or to volunteer?

Vaccines are not mandated by our government for anyone working at our camp, nor are they presently required for anyone participating in any part of our program.

How do you know what the regulations will be this summer?

We understand that guidelines change regularly, and as such it is nearly impossible to predict what will be going this summer. We are cautiously optimistic that we will operate under the same regulations this summer as last, which could mean no masking or minimal masking with no group size or program limitations.

We will update our website and communicate any requirements or changes thereto to our registered camper families. The information here is current as of January 26, 2022.